Corporate and Business services

As a part of the Nordic and International Network, NIBCC provides real value to Nordic, Indian and foreign companies. We encourage business growth between all our members.

The various business groups, experts, advisers, accountants and lawyers from the NIBCC professional database and network, provides contact to a trustworthy partner that gives your business requirement immediate access to Indian and Nordic experts and markets.

In addition to our affiliation with the global net-work of Business Chambers, we provide specific business, cultural or political contacts to solve your problems or create growth; We provide you with the following services and benefits to our members of the Nordic Indian Business Chamber of Commerce.

Meetings and Events
You will be invited to all our events in the Nordics, India and locally in the Nordics. Our meetings are primarily focused on business, economic and cultural matters.

Access to network, newsletters and information
As a NIBCC member, you get access to customised information on doing business in India and the Nordics. We work together with a number of experts, companies, organizations and authorities both in India and the Nordics.

We entertain all questions on business, economic and cultural matters from our members. The questions will be answered by our staff or patrons who all have extensive knowledge on business, economic and cultural issues. There is no extra charge for the response.

You are welcome to contact us with any problem you have in your business, economic and cultural dealings in India or the Nordics (for our Indian members). We will contact you with one of our prequalified experts in the field. The contact to the experts we make on your behalf, either in the Nordics or India are subject to our Governance rules and Business Ethics Standards.

Disputes and mediation
Litigation in any country of the world can be cumbersome, time-consuming and provide legitimate headaches. We have a list of prominent and successful mediators both in India and the Nordics to help you with a reasonable settlement. We provide the first point of contact in resolving a business dispute. The mediators, lawyers and accountants are subject to our Governance Rules and Business Ethics Standards.

Joint Ventures
We organize individual meetings with business delegations and conferences. We further arrange matchmaking seminars where you can meet professionals from the Nordic -Indian business community to share experiences and discuss potential business possibilities.

We can coordinate your search for potential business partners in the Nordic or in India. If you need to find a potential partner in the Nordics or India, we will provide three potential business partners for your further review.

Due Diligence
Our primary aim is to help you build stronger relationships with your business partners in the Nordics and India. The core component of any successful business venture lies in the clarity of mutual understanding and partnership. It is also vital that each party knows and recognises the other partner. We believe that performing a comprehensive due diligence for integrity and compliance is a critical risk-mitigation exercise is a must before entering in a business venture. Therefore, we provide to types of due diligence.
Our partner organization Copenhagen Compliance ® provides global Governance, Risk Management, Compliance and IT Security (GRC) solutions. Therefore, we have the experience to find business opportunities and turn GRC into an action plan for competitive business advantages. We have developed custom-tailored and cost-effective due diligence templates. The focus of our Due Diligence exercise is to detect and assess reputational GRC risks, possible compliance failures, involve third party mechanisms, corrupt business practices, etc.

Special reports and Investigations
In today’s complex global business conditions, something does or can go wrong. We have experts that can make simple or complex investigation procedures that reflect legal, investigative and forensic reporting capabilities.

The Special reports and Investigations we undertake identifies liabilities and involves in-depth research to expose allegations from fraud to facilitation payments.

Our pre-qualified experts also conduct independent analysis on third party compliance related to human rights violations, CSR issues, conflict minerals reporting, embezzlement, financial irregularities, anti-money laundering, and intellectual property infringement

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