The Nordic Indian Business Chamber of Commerce (NIBCC) is a self-financed, bilateral Business and Cultural Chamber for Indian and Nordic business people in the Nordics and the Indian Sub-Continent.

The statutes and articles of Nordic Indian Business Chamber of Commerce (NIBCC) will focuses on the business and cultural needs of personal, corporate, company and professional network for individuals, private members, officers, directors, board members, CEO's, CFO's, auditors, Lawyers and related companies, organizations and corporate funds with an interest to develop business, trade and cultural activities between the Nordic countries and India.

The articles of NIBCC provide the operating guidelines. We are a self-financing organisation, and we get our primary income from member subscriptions and consultancy, guidance and assistance we provide to our members and other Nordic and Indian corporations.

The primary goal of the NIBCC is to be a strong organiser to promote business and cultural ties between India and the Nordic countries; We hold business and cultural events Facilitators and establish connections between Indian and the Nordic companies to improve their business: Work with the Indian Embassies in the Nordics and Nordic Embassies in New Delhi: NIBCC reserves the right to change the articles, statutes or charter without notice.

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