Membership of NIBCC will take your business to a new global level!


Boost your commercial brand in the ever growing Indian market. We can also draw attention to your business by organising events where your company, your product, your organisation, your team or your industry to succeed in getting significant recognition and to achieve your target or goal.

The Statutes and Articles of NIBCC are based on The NIBCC Charter.
The Nordic Indian Business Chamber of Commerce (NIBCC) is a bilateral Business and Cultural Chamber for Indian and Nordic business people in the Nordics and the Indian Sub-Continent.

NIBCC will ensure the greatest possible degree of enriching business experiences, solutions and professional interactions between the members. Emphasis will be placed on creating value for the members through the strategic, sales and managerial exercise and opportunities for the members.

When you apply for membership of the NIBCC, the secretariat will process the submitted application form either from the website or sent by e-mail to: The application for membership admission is binding.

After acceptance, the membership company or individual is sent via email to the applicant (if not paid on the net upon applying for membership on the net). This invoice and corresponding proof of payment serve simultaneously as proof of membership. Membership is valid for one year at a time.

The member is obliged to inform NIBCC about any change in this information. The NIBCC membership directory will not be available commercially.


Annual membership fees costs:
  1. Personal corporate membership - DKK 2.500,00 excl. VAT.
  2. The corporate group membership for the entire company - DKK 10.000,00 excl. VAT.
  3. A private membership - DKK 1.000,00 excl. VAT
Membership fees are paid annually in advance and are adjusted annually. All types of membership include all fees for the membership meetings as well as the annual general assembly. Membership is renewed automatically for one-year periods, unless the membership is terminated in writing at least three months before the renewal date as invoiced.

Possible additional services and / or products will be billed separately.

The membership fee is non-refundable and non-refundable in whole or part as a result of absence, illness, resignation or dismissal.

Networking and Communications
NIBCC will hold an annual minimum of four membership meetings and the annual general assembly which is open to members. Membership gives access to all group meetings, seminars activities.

Member Meetings are held for the duration of 2-4 hours, but the format, time and location may change from time to time.

NIBCC secretariat and chapter shall determine the agenda for member meetings and is usually based on case studies and inspirational speeches from some of the leading business professionals and experts on trade between the Nordics and India.

NIBCC communicates primarily via email, the website ( and through the closed LinkedIn group. NIBCC email communication is not encrypted, and is not responsible for viruses, tampering, unauthorized monitoring, manipulation or the like. The same applies to information retrieval and all another use of the site.

The views and recommendations of the meetings, seminars, external speakers and writer's posts/content providers, newsletters shall always be understood in the specific context in which they are expressed. They are not necessarily in line with the NIBCC views and recommendations, why NIBCC can never be held responsible for these views, recommendations, consultancy or advice.

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