The 'Make in India' initiative provides significant opportunities to Nordic Companies

Prime Minister Modi's campaign "Make in India" has received attention around the world. In all its simplicity, the plan is to increase industrial production from 15 percent of GDP today to 25 percent. Investors who have bought shares in anticipation of major reforms, hope that the plan is realistic.

While the new Indian government is getting its act together in managing an extensive and complex democratic country like India, investors expectations have been high as the stock market began its journey north and attained new highs.

Just a few months ago, the Indian economy was paralyzed as the old government could not implement changes. Generally such a situation often can provide an opportunity for rapid operational changes with a positive effect in the short term if reforms were only aimed at the "low-hanging fruit" - those that are easy to pick. Prime Minister Modi who is a staunch exponent of new reforms that India needs have not just yielded to the low-hanging fruits that produce rapid economic growth.

Therefore, both consumption and investment has got the psychological kick-start to get started and has set the ball of growth and progress rolling.

Hopefully, there are more reforms in the pipeline as there is limited financial room for maneuver that places the need for reforms even further under pressure. Here are some pointers to address; On the other hand, the inefficient public sector has a number of projects stalled. Getting these projects restarted in a hurry can be one of the low hanging fruits.

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