Improving Governance, reducing red tape, bureaucracy and corruption can introduce accountability and transparency and increase the staff responsibility to perform efficiently

The Indian Prime Minister's Office is on the driver's seat in an effort to make it easier to do business in India. Particular attention is now placed on the roadblocks in environmental clearances that figure high on the list of investor woes

Following consultations with ministry officials, stakeholders and industry, about 30 corrective steps have already been notified while a dozen-odd can be expected in coming weeks. The Modi administration has made as many as 30 interventions in India's green clearances system resulting in significant and, from the standpoint of industry, positive changes.

Some of the notable changes include;
The Modi government is taking right steps to improve Governance and cutting red tape. These measures should reduce corruption and other hindrances for development. In addition, if the government could introduce accountability and transparency in the various projects it will go a long way to reducing unproductive bureaucracy and increase the staff responsibility to perform efficiently.


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